A downloadable game for Windows

Sitcom Simulator is a simulation game where the player is the star of a sitcom. On the set, the player is able to interact with the environment and discover hidden secrets, inside jokes, and easter eggs. The game is Oculus Rift compatible, but can also be played without it. It can be played with a controller or a right handed keyboard setup.


  • Pause Menu: P or START
  • Movement: WASD or Left Stick
  • Jump: Space or Controller A
  • Toggle Running: Shift or Left Stick Click
  • Activate/UI Press: Left Click or Controller X
  • Grab: Right Click or Right Stick Click
  • Item Zoom: Mouse Scroll Wheel or LB/RB
    • Moves item closer or further
  • UI Movement (if offered): W/S or D-Pad Up/Down

NOTE: This game may have difficulty running on lower-end computers.


SitcomSimulator.zip 46 MB